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Meet the team

Mansi Shah – Founder

With an experience of more than a decade in the field of overseas education advising, Mansi Shah strives out to bring the best in every student she meets. Her enthusiasm, dedication, perfectionism and professionalism are infectious and that is what makes her different than others. She has successfully placed nearly 3000 students in reputed international universities. Her passion for education and commitment to what is best for the student makes her an extraordinary mentor. Well-connected and networked with the academic fraternity at international level, Mansi rounds the globe attending events, conferences and seminars of academic relevance and remains updated with the current international educational scenario. She has a personal network of more than 200 institutes and has visited more than 100 universities across the globe.

Mansi is a former Singapore Education Specialist by Singapore Tourism Board. She is a regular attendee at conferences such as AIRC, ICEF and NAFSA. She is also an advisor for International Collaborations and Overseas Education at the H.N. Shukla Group of Colleges, Rajkot.

Message from the Founder

“Early bird hops further.” – Czech Proverb

Working on the same philosophy, at ALPS, we encourage students to start shaping their goals early in life by equipping them with well-crafted knowledge solutions in the international education sector so that they can make informed choices in their future.

Today, college admissions span beyond grades and standardized test scores. Elite universities are interested in students who will make valuable contribution to the school’s community. Therefore, though most universities evaluate a student’s academics and personal journey of the past couple of years, preparation often starts much earlier. Applicants need to prove that they will meet the academic demands in their school of choice. In addition, they need to demonstrate a genuine interest in shaping their future community. These criteria are not defined by specific cutoffs in scores or a particular formula. The ALPS methodology encourages students to identify and apply their strengths and interests to make a difference both, inside and outside the classroom.

At ALPS, we do a detailed profiling of every student that includes a scientifically designed Aptitude Test, which is followed by career counseling. We help our students develop a holistic profile based on their interests and life goals through various activities that extend even beyond the classroom. . With feel at home environment, ALPS strives to develop candidates into thoroughly equipped scholars, prepared to enter and succeed in the colleges and universities of their choice.

Niyati Shah, Director - Foreign Education

With her poise and diligence, she believes that every student has a destiny of his/her own, which is created by timed efforts and application of the inculcated knowledge. Hence, Niyati counsels students to excel in life by empowering them with updated information, processes and consequences that shall affect their career trajectory. She has expertise in country-wise counselling with enhanced knowledge on US and Canada. Niyati encourages students towards effective profile development vis-a-vis international university application process. Her diligence in preparing student application packets has been appreciated by several leading US institutions. Niyati has developed excellent relationships with University Admissions Offices and has rounded many Familiarising Trips arranged by Overseas Institutions.

Manali Shah – Director Coaching

Manali Shah brings in something invaluable to ALPS. Being a homemaker for about more than 10 years, she brings in the management and multitasking skills into the picture. Her strict tone sometimes becomes indispensible while dealing with a lot of things. She makes sure everything functions smoothly – from coaching to meetings to aptitude tests ¬– she handles it all amazingly well. In a short span of few months, Manali has built an excellent rapport with all the students and their parents, so much so that she has become the go-to mediator at ALPS!

Nancy Mehta – CEO Coaching

With more than 15 years of teaching experience, Nancy Mehta is one of the most renowned IELTS faculty of the state. Her tricks and strategies are well known amongst the students. With more than 90% of her students scoring 6.5 bands, Nancy Mehta is the brand when it comes to IELTS teaching. She is hardworking and a perfectionist, which is what makes her stand out. To ALPS, she brings in her experiences with students and empowers the other faculty to understand their students better and in turn help them achieve better results.

Srushti Shah – Chief Strategy Officer

An alumnus of Northwestern University, Chicago, with a master’s degree in Journalism, Srushti is young, dynamic and brings her global exposure to ALPS. Her international exposure gives her an edge when it comes to company strategic decisions.Srushti switched to literature after getting into one of the best institutes for Architecture in the country, and thus understands the need and importance of having a fulfilling career. She urges every student to understand their likings and disliking before jumping into their field. She has experience in teaching as well as personal counseling. Srushti is a motivational speaker and a certified Reiki Healer. She blends all of her counseling experience and strives to give the best to her students. From counseling to tutoring for SAT, GRE and GMAT, Srushti is an integral part of the ALPS team.

Arti Desai – Consulting Psychologist

Arti Desai is a Vocational Counselor and Psychologist, MBTI Practitionerand RCI Certified. With experience of more than two decades, Arti is an expert when it comes to identifying the student’s strengths and weaknesses. She conducts the Aptitude test and help students find their true calling.She firmly believes that success cannot only be measured materialistically, but to be successful in life, one needs a fulfilling career. She has guided more than 5000 students with their academic and professional careers.